Steel Talons – Mammoth MK5

Hey All, Today I finished my latest Low-Poly 3D Model. The model uses 3 Diffuse Maps 2 Specular Maps and 2 Normal Maps.
The Mammoth Hull uses one “1024×1024″ Resolution Texture and the Legs got two “512×512″ Resolution Textures.

The render was done in Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 with:
Nitrous Viewport, Quicksilver Hardware Renderer and mrSun / mrSky Daylight System!
To Create a “Simple Daylight System”, You can watch the “Video Tutorial” > HERE <

almost done

mk5progressOn the left image you can watch the Texture process of the Steel Talons - Mammoth MK5 Legs. Note: Much progress parts are skipped because the image size became huge.