C&C Generals 2 (Cancelled) Textures & Audio

Finally I managed to extract audio files from the cancelled C&C Game "Generals 2". Extracting and Converting the Textures to *.DDS Files are sadly a manual job by hand... But after a while figuring out how the DXT headers worked I got nice looking Textures! The Audio files were easy to do with a nice script but it took a few hours to convert all the Audio files to WAV files (It turned out as a 10.3GB Folder).

One dissapointment is I still cannot get a clue about reading out the Model files.

Anyways the goal of this is getting research into the Frostbite 2 Engine which is used for this RTS game.
I'am calling for all experienced HEX Editors, Coders & Reverse Engineers for helping me and the community out to get those awesome assets.

Download some Assets below the Image!


Download Assets Here

P.S. This will be awesome for C&C Mod Projects right?!