Fallout 4: AER-9 Laser Pistol 1:1 Scale Replica

Currently Printing the last parts of the Fallout 4: AER-9 Laser Pistol. I'am also working on the AER-9 Laser Rifle which is already completed, BUT it needs to be printed first.

The front of the Laser Pistol and Rifle are Modulair so you can "modify" the weapon like you can do ingame. The Model is also hollow so I can put some smoke generatorn soundboard and lights in it. BUT this wont be put in the first build because I need to make a partlist first and it's not important.


aer9 pistol wip


aer9 rifle render

Website Update

Removed a lot of services from the website which takes a lot of time to work on. This leads to less work on my main services... So it's now fully focused on 3D Printing Services and 3D / 2D Design. Also updated some pages with the latest work and removed unnessery outdated assets.

Below a sample of a Project I'am still working on, It's mostly done but needs some painting and costume making which is not done by myself.

nukagirl rocket suit

CMS Themes, Themes & Themes

Worked on some new CMS Themes for the Latest PrestaShop and Wordpress. The Wordpress version is a Magazine Style Theme Designed for a Photography Website. And the PrestaShop Theme was made for the Latest PrestaShop CMS


Below A Star Wars related Webshop theme for the latest version of PrestaShop.




3D Printing

3D Printing

Lately I'am working on some 3D Printing Projects for a couple of customers. And this also comes with testing out certain materials which is used in the process. With the 3D Models itself I start modelling it as low/medium-poly so I could create some real-time renders from the products to. And for printing the product in highest detail I use some TurboSmooth Modifiers to get the best print results.

Image below from Left to Right, Low Poly Model Wireframe and High Poly Model for 3D Printing!



This Image shows up 4 Different Gauge Ergonomics for your ear Piercings and also Printed Prototypes.




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C&C Generals 2 (Cancelled) Models

Finally it took a while but it's done!

Well it's not done for everything because I still struggle with some of the random picked models which I can't get to work yet. But still as you can see this is a pretty neat result but a damn long progress with brains required. It's not just point and export! And I'am still looking for someone that can help by creating a export tool so the progress of exporting will be much faster instead of working 10 to 20 minutes on exporting 1 Mesh.

Below you can see the EU - Light Recon Vehicle and the China - Stealth Tank. What I would like to say is that the Generals 2 Development Team did a good job on the faction designs. The Textures looks great and the Models have a great level of detail! You can even see the Drivers behind their wheels and other great details! Props to them! Shame it's Cancelled!

EU Recon stealthtank1 tmb quad1 tmb

The for the Models it self it can have 1 single mesh or just have multiple sub-meshes. As example the GLA Technical had 4 sub-meshes. As first the "Windows" as followed with the "Rebels", "Chassis" and "Wheel Base". But the China Stealth Tank & GLA Quad Cannon had one single Mesh.

Note: This project is intend to help the MOD Community getting some of the awesome new assets from the axe'd C&C Generals 2 Game.

techs tmb