Industrial Design

Fallout 4: AER-9 Laser Pistol 1:1 Scale Replica

Currently Printing the last parts of the Fallout 4: AER-9 Laser Pistol. I'am also working on the AER-9 Laser Rifle which is already completed, BUT it needs to be printed first.

The front of the Laser Pistol and Rifle are Modulair so you can "modify" the weapon like you can do ingame. The Model is also hollow so I can put some smoke generatorn soundboard and lights in it. BUT this wont be put in the first build because I need to make a partlist first and it's not important.


aer9 pistol wip


aer9 rifle render

Website Update

Removed a lot of services from the website which takes a lot of time to work on. This leads to less work on my main services... So it's now fully focused on 3D Printing Services and 3D / 2D Design. Also updated some pages with the latest work and removed unnessery outdated assets.

Below a sample of a Project I'am still working on, It's mostly done but needs some painting and costume making which is not done by myself.

nukagirl rocket suit

DAR FBM-100H Logo 3D Render

Here is a 3D Render of the Final DAR FBM-100H Amplifier "Future Breed Machine" Emblem before it gets CNC Milled on Aluminium! If you Live in The Netherlands and like to try this Guitar Amplifier out! Just contact me!



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Here’s a 3D rendering of the Final FBM Logo before CNC milling.
Big thanks to Christiaan Lefering of E-Studios for his killer work!

DAR Amplification

dar logoblogI have been very inactive lately. But I'am working for a amazing new company which builds the next generation of Guitar Amplifiers! I've been working on 3D Rendering and CAD work for industrial design and manufacture ability. But also Web Related stuff Like: Webdesign & Development including Services and Support!

Here is a Little information about DAR Amplification:

DAR Amplification deliver an extreme level of performance to you in an amplifier built without compromise. DAR Amps are precision engineered and built for the single-minded goal of delivering brutal, punishing and unyielding tone all the way up to the highest levels of gain. While so many other amps lose their edge when pushed to the limit, DAR amps persevere with tone, depth and articulation. No matter how hard you push them, your signature tone endures and will never be lost in the mix.


Below a picture of the DAR Forza Quattro!

dar forzablog

Equally as impressive, DAR amps deliver incredible shimmering clean boutique tone full of rich Class A harmonics when the gain is turned down. Our amps exhibit the lowest possible hum due to advanced electrical and magnetic principles employed in design and production. Our overall power amp designs are built around the very powerful and rugged 6C33 tube. Proven reliability through its use in MiG 25 fighter planes and Russian tanks, these tubes have been designed to function in the most challenging environments possible. Inexpensive and readily available, they have also been used in high-end HiFi systems for over 10 years.