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C&C Tiberium Icestorm - Tiberium Crystals

C&C Tiberium Icestorm - Tiberium Crystals

The Green Tiberium Crystals are ready with a texture resolution of 1024x1024 but it will be resized to 256x or 512x which depents on the camera maximum zoom ingame. But for now we use the 1024x texture for the best results in the renders.

green tib 1



 Texture + Model Wireframe Preview. As you can see I use Alpha Maps for the Plants and Sand Patches.

texture greentib pre model greentib pre

Final Daytime + Nighttime Renders

green tib 2 green tib 3

C&C Tiberium Icestorm - Seeders

C&C Tiberium Icestorm - Seeders

New Tiberium Seeders created for the new upcoming game Tiberium Icestorm.
These are 360 turn-table renders at multiple angles.

For the best results you can view it at 1080p 60FPS & Fullscreen.



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C&C Generals 2 (Cancelled) Textures & Audio

Finally I managed to extract audio files from the cancelled C&C Game "Generals 2". Extracting and Converting the Textures to *.DDS Files are sadly a manual job by hand... But after a while figuring out how the DXT headers worked I got nice looking Textures! The Audio files were easy to do with a nice script but it took a few hours to convert all the Audio files to WAV files (It turned out as a 10.3GB Folder).

One dissapointment is I still cannot get a clue about reading out the Model files.

Anyways the goal of this is getting research into the Frostbite 2 Engine which is used for this RTS game.
I'am calling for all experienced HEX Editors, Coders & Reverse Engineers for helping me and the community out to get those awesome assets.

Download some Assets below the Image!


Download Assets Here

P.S. This will be awesome for C&C Mod Projects right?!

Steel Talons - Mobile EMP Tank

Still working on several projects but had some time for finishing up the GDI / Steel Talons - Mobile EMP Tank Texuture!
I'am really happy with the results of the Texture and Model Design! It fit's perfectly with the official C&C3: Tiberium Wars GDI House Style.


The video is a 360 view of the Model including Day & Night Light.

Click Continue Reading for the video.

Steel Talons – Mammoth MK5

Hey All, Today I finished my latest Low-Poly 3D Model. The model uses 3 Diffuse Maps 2 Specular Maps and 2 Normal Maps.
The Mammoth Hull uses one “1024×1024″ Resolution Texture and the Legs got two “512×512″ Resolution Textures.

The render was done in Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 with:
Nitrous Viewport, Quicksilver Hardware Renderer and mrSun / mrSky Daylight System!
To Create a “Simple Daylight System”, You can watch the “Video Tutorial” > HERE <

almost done

mk5progressOn the left image you can watch the Texture process of the Steel Talons - Mammoth MK5 Legs. Note: Much progress parts are skipped because the image size became huge.