Hello and Welcome to E-Studios. E-Studios is my main portfolio for my designs & projects and my greatest passion is being creative. Since the year 2000 I started to wonder how people create awesome assets and levels for several games.

This triggered me to start learning to use Adobe Photoshop and Discreet gMax. gMax (A stripped version of 3ds Max) is a free modelling tool that Discreet offered for the Game Modding Community. After a lot of trying and learning I started to use Autodesk 3ds Max because gMax was missing something... It was a lot!

After a while I finally started to run my own mod projects for C&C Generals. I Released the first C&C Generals Modification for the community which unlocked the Officers Club Content. It was a sort of Pre-Order Bonus but it never gave any units or content ingame. So I said this had to be released for the community and called the Modification C&C Reneclips (Named after the C&C Modding Community Website I started back in the Dial Up Connection days.

After a lot of years and studies I finally had some great company's to work for! Sadly the most company's were not able to give longterm contracts because of the "economic crisis" in The Netherlands. But in my spare time I keep learning and keep being creative even your time is becoming more less...